The unmistakable feeling of a custom shirt is a unique experience. Every curve, contour, and detail is hand selected between craftsmen and client.
Only the highest quality Egyptian cotton + linen serve as a foundation for each unique creation.
Wide selection of Thomas Mason Shirting Fabrics at Mr. Alex Beverly Hills

Collar: Geometry, artistry, and a secret family recipe converge to create the best shirt collar. Each collar is uniquely made for the client - an individual pattern that reflects decades of experience and a collaboration between craftsmen & client.

Cuffs: Simple as they may seem, shirt cuffs are often one of the most noticeable aspects of a Mr. Alex custom shirt. Pay close attention for a trademark not found on any other shirt in the world.

Fit: A well-made custom shirt requires an expertise in shape, slope, contour, & design. Each custom shirt at Mr. Alex is made from scratch based on a client's measurements, shape, & preferences.