"You can never be overdressed or overeducated." -Oscar Wilde
For centuries well-tailored custom suits have matched the personalities of their owners - for every profession or occassion.

Scabal Featured Styles for Fall/Winter at Mr. Alex Beverly Hills
Scabal Featured Styles for Spring/Summer at Mr. Alex Beverly Hills

Business Suits: Black and Navy serve as the workhorses of the suiting closet. Traditional and versatile, it is important for every man to have one in the bag. Though simple as they may seem, the right suit is a byproduct of selecting an appropriate premium cloth with the right drape and body and the trustworthy hands of a skilled craftsmen adept at working with such quality cloth.

Summer Suits: A man's sartorial style is exemplified in the elegant summer suit. Color, texture, weave, weight, and style are equal part participants in ensuring that this suit compliment's the personality of the gentleman wearing it.

Cocktail Suits: At the ready for the appropriate event, the cocktail suit distinguishes itself clearly from the closet in the way that paint pops off a canvas. Unmistaken in its purpose, this suit requires unfettered creativity and a masterful understanding of cloth and construction.