For 5 generations Loro Piana's pedigree has been weaving wool and other suiting material.
From the raw material to the yarn to the final cloth, every aspect of the process is overseen with a meticulous eye toward perfection and an unwavering desire to produce the world's best cloth.
Merino Wool, Linen, Cotton, Mohair, Silk, Cashmere, Chinchilla, Vicuna are just a few examples of how their perfection manifests itself in their cloth.
Wide selection of Loro Piana Shirting Fabric at Mr. Alex Beverly Hills

93% Cashmere / 7% Silk : A blend that is completely unique to Loro Piana, the 93% Cashmere / 7% Silk fabric for jackets is lightweight and soft to the touch. The traditional checks and vibrant colors in this collection make it ideal for a luxurious jacket.

Super 170s Wool : Measured in microns this ultrafine wool is equal parts performance and feel. The ideal weight for suits or trousers, this material holds it shape while retaining the luxurious feel and finish that can only be created by one of the world's best mills.

Cotton Denim : Casual need not compromise on quality - Loro Piana's Denim collection exemplifies this in its softness, texture, and color. Paired with our unique five-pocket pant design, this material serves as a backbone to a luxurious denim trouser to be dressed up or down.