For centuries Thomas Mason has been creating some of the world's best shirting fabric.
Their collection includes vibrant poplins, timeless twills, bright whites, stretch cotton, and true West Indian Sea Island Cotton - grown in the Caribbean, woven in Italy, and made in beverly hills.
Wide selection of Thomas Mason Shirting Fabrics at Mr. Alex Beverly Hills

Gold Line: Goldline is the highest level Thomas Mason service program, which was created originally for the company’s bicentenary celebrations (1796-1996). The fabrics, on typical structures poplin, zephyr, twill and oxford, are made with two folded cotton yarns 140/2 obtained from the best Egyptian cotton, Giza 45.

Giza 87: Completing the collection is a precious collection of super white fabrics, created with the best Egyptian Giza 87 Cotton. The Giza 87 fibre presents extraordinary and unique characteristics; the fibre being notably long and the brightness amongst the best of the Egyptian long-staple cottons, guaranteeing a particularly luminous and brilliant white.