Custom Clothing is just that - fully custom. Here are a few ways in which the custom experience provides a higher level of service than made to measure:
  • An individual pattern is made based on the measurements and shape of the customer
  • The experience includes at least 1 fitting to ensure that the fit is just right
  • The customer can select from preset styles or design their own garment
  • There is very little that can't be done when making custom clothes - just ask the many celebrities for whom we've made stage wardrobe
Custom and Bespoke can be used interchangeably. They both describe a fully customized process whereby patterns are created from scratch based on an individual's exact measurements. Custom and bespoke garments should also be made using traditional tailoring methods and with a substantial amount of hand work to ensure the highest quality.
  • The experience begins with a design appointment. Mr. Alex and his team will assess your needs and show you our extensive collection of fabric & styles.
  • Next, specific measurements are taken and a sample is made for a fitting.
  • During that fitting any necessary adjustments are noted so that we get the look and fit exactly as you want it.
  • Finally, the garments are completed and ready for pickup/delivery
Once we have your measurements and we have created a pattern, ordering new garments is extremely simple and rarely requires any additional fittings
We have many customers who live all around the world. Please contact us and we will find ways to work together
Rooted in Craftsmanhip with an obsession in quality and design
  • We were one of the first to proudly say "Made In Beverly Hills" - we're also one of the last. We know that the only way to guarantee quality is to oversee every part of the process
  • We focus on relationships - not transactions
  • We have experienced countless fashion trends - we know which are fleeting and which are here to stay
  • Our experience in extensive costume design and stage wardrobe influence our approach - we have been entrusted with many difficult and challenging projects that allow us to innovate and continue to perfect our craft