Mr. Alex has partnered with Scabal to combine their highest quality fabric with our exquisite craftsmanship.
Their exclusive collection includes a wide variety of weights, textures, and colors in fabric for suits, trousers, jackets, and overcoats.

Suits Scabal's suiting collection takes advantage of their innovative weaving processes to produce everything from Super 200s 100% Wool to intricate blends of wool, cashmere, & silk.

Jackets: Daring to challenge the status quo, Scabal's jacketing cloth collection includes well-known patterns as well as bold colors

Trousers: Scabal utilizes traditional weaves and a colorful spectrum to create excellent trouser fabric - everyday business attire as well as vibrant casual weekend wear is well represented in this collection

Overcoats: The ultimate in luxurious clothing, overcoat's utilize some of the world's best material. Scabal empowers Mr. Alex with a collection of overcoating fabric that allows the imagination to run wild - Cashmere, Mink, Wool, and Camelhair are all prominently featured

For specific fabric samples and to see details of the collection, visit our seasonal Scabal fabric pages Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.